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In today’s times Compliance is touching almost every aspect of our life and playing crucial rule in business. Businesses are not able to reach their targets without complying with the eco system that they are living in or obligated to follow.
We provide compliance guidance on the current requirements, upcoming regulatory changes, their implementation using the best practice in the industry.
We believe that not only the compliance department should be having the knowledge and experience but also on management level, this is the main reason we provide compliance training and  regular updates and refreshers to all personnel according to request.


Risk management

In every business regardless to its industry there are risks, without risk there is no reward.

Business Corporate team brainstorming with chart and checking and analysis


Today in the Social Media era marketing is been done differently, 


Human Resources – HR

one of the key elements for having a successful business is the human resource,

License Application

If you are in the financial sector, operating a brokerage or in the process of licensing an Electronic Money Institution (EMI) or a Payment institution (PI), we are able to assist with the license application.

Our past experience has number of success license applications for Financial Services companies (Brokerage) and Electronic Money Institute.

We will identify your needs and assist you with choosing the correct country to register your company and with the license application. During all the time of the application and as well as after we will support and supervise your status to make sure you comply with the relevant laws and regulations.

Advise and support for Financial Services / Electronic Money Institutes

In today’s world everything is moving very quickly, decisions need to be made with minimum time to response. We make sure that when your environment changes you will be notified and advise about it.
We can provide the management, Compliance department and other personnel for the latest changes in the laws, ongoing support or ad hoc queries and even training.

Mergers, acquisitions and project management

The way up is not always straight, in order for you to reach your highest goals, sometimes and acquisition needs to be made in order to achieve market share or specific capability.
If you are planning an acquisition, a merge or even a project, we can assist you with the supervision, management until the process is completed from A to Z.

Technology Solutions

We have a good understanding about the technology,  what is needed in order to move your business forward and the correct tools to provide you in order to attract clients and to have an advantage.
Our collaboration with service provider will allow you to pick the correct product and provider in a shorter period of time and been cost effective.
our collaboration with technology provider covers the areas of: IT infrastructure, Cyber Security, Cloud storage, Trading Platforms, CRM Systems, VOIP systems, payments solution software and gateways.